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  • June- Board and Chair Meeting

Garrett: Hey! What is this for? ASL Immersion! 
Monique & Lori: Hello! Guess what?! We are hosting ASL Immersion Conference. When and where will it be? It will be June 23rd-25th hosted at Deaf Community Service of San Diego.
Leah: Who for who? This is for novice interpreters, ITP & ASL students and anyone who is eager to learn more advance and details of signs.
Jeffery: The reason this is hosted is to increase knowledge and skills in ASL in depth. There are more signs that need to get exposed! Let’s get immersed! 
Geri: This conference will be a weekend long from Friday to Sunday. There will be three workshops per day. 
Norma: Lunches will be provided. Networking with booths will be on Saturday evening. 
Erin: Are you interested to register? C’mon! Do you want more information? Come and check the website and sign up. We are excited to have all of us immerse together! C’mon!

June- Board and Chair Meeting

  • 02 Jun 2023
  • Deaf Community Services of San Diego (Hybrid Available)


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