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Garrett: Hey! What is this for? ASL Immersion! 
Monique & Lori: Hello! Guess what?! We are hosting ASL Immersion Conference. When and where will it be? It will be June 23rd-25th hosted at Deaf Community Service of San Diego.
Leah: Who for who? This is for novice interpreters, ITP & ASL students and anyone who is eager to learn more advance and details of signs.
Jeffery: The reason this is hosted is to increase knowledge and skills in ASL in depth. There are more signs that need to get exposed! Let’s get immersed! 
Geri: This conference will be a weekend long from Friday to Sunday. There will be three workshops per day. 
Norma: Lunches will be provided. Networking with booths will be on Saturday evening. 
Erin: Are you interested to register? C’mon! Do you want more information? Come and check the website and sign up. We are excited to have all of us immerse together! C’mon!


SDCRId Mission statement

back row, L to R standing: Kiley (black dress with cherries, glasses), Aaron (blue button-down shirt), Nathan (gray t-shirt, black-rimmed glasses), Razi (black t-shirt, black-rimmed glasses, black newsboy hat), Lucy (brown dangly earrings), Annette (green v-neck t-shirt, black pants, dark-rimmed glasses)

2nd row, L to R standing: Leah (white button-down shirt, blue jeans), Geri (black t-shirt, tan pants), Starr (black blouse, black pants, Princess Leia buns), Norma (blue + green floral sleeveless dress), JoJo (red t-shirt, green shorts, red-rimmed glasses), Jessica C (black t-shirt), Shannon (white t-shirt with multicolored flowers, jean shorts)

front row, kneeling: Jessica T (black v-neck shirt, jean shorts), Reina (black t-shirt, gray pants)

San Diego County RID is a non-profit organization committed to 

professional development, networking, and fundraising efforts

for professional interpreters, students of interpreting, 

and supporters of the interpreting community. 


San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SDCRID) understands the necessity of multicultural awareness, sensitivity and competency.  Therefore, as an organization, we are committed to equity and multiculturalism within the organization while uplifting the local Black, Indigenous, People of Color community of sign language interpreters and students of the profession, as well as Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf Disabled, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened (DDBDDHHLD) persons.  We must draw from the widest variety of society with regards to equity and multiculturalism in order to provide support, equitable treatment, and respect among and within our community. 

SDCRID defines equity and multiculturalism as differences which are appreciated, sought after, and shaped in the form of the following intersectional categories within both the profession of sign language interpreting and the SDCRID organization:

    • Disability status
    • Age
    • Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf Disabled, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened
    • Immigration status
    • Sign language interpreting experience
    • Certification status and level
    • Language and/or communication background
    • Ethnic identity 
    • Race
    • Gender/non-binary identity or expression
    • Religious affiliation 
    • Sexual orientation 
    • Socioeconomic status
    • Geographic region
To that end, we strive for equity and multiculturalism in every area of SDCRID.   We are firmly aware that there are differences that exist among people who represent a 21st century population and provide for innumerable resources within the sign language interpreting community.   Our commitment to equity and multiculturalism reflects and stems from our understanding of present and future needs of both our organization and local practitioners.


San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SDCRID) recognizes ​the resilient and continued presence of the Payómkawichum/Luiseño, Kuméyaay/Ipai/Diegueño, Kuupangaxwichem/Cupeño, and Ívillyuatem/Cahuilla Nations.  These Nations compel SDCRID to take sustainable and respectful action to engage the land and its First People with justice and compassion as fellow human beings.  SDCRID acknowledges it occupies and benefits from the unceded ancestral lands of these sovereign Nations and commits to promoting Indigenous knowledge systems and practices of inclusion in its mission.  SDCRID pledges to foster an environment that supports Indigenous community members and engages the needs and concerns of the Nations who continue to occupy this land.

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